Depression or Frustration?

We have to learn to differentiate between the two, depression and frustration. What is depression? Simply put, depression can be defined as unresolved, undefined stressful emotions and concerns that develops over time. Signs of depression can characterize itself through our thoughts, which later expresses its values in our emotions and actions.

This very dull and isolated feelings often manifests itself in our behaviors, and later affecting us mentally, leaving us stuck in the crevasses of our minds; wondering how and when did we get there. Traits of this experience has the ability to depletes our physical abilities and debilitates our self-worth, values and confidence.

This is not a feeling that can be easily shaken, it comes in waves; one moment you feel okay, then the next you feel highly distress and lifeless. Depression must be observed, evaluated and treated with the ultimate care and concern. Depression over time forms itself into habits and patterns that seems almost impossible to be treated or broken, but with the proper help and attention, it can be resolved. Take no credit away from depression, nor allow yourself to be caved in. It does have its own advantages, but so does getting the proper help. Sometimes we internalize these burdens, thinking that we can handle them on our own but never finding answers. Thoughts that burden us deeply and hurt that plagues us silently, are perfect stems that springs depression. Depression can also be classified as a heaviness in the thoughts and emotions that lingers on and on, and never seems to allow a genuine smile to last long enough.


Frustration on the other hand, can be easily defined as everyday confusions that accumulated overtime. It can be demonstrated as an elevated need for answers to many unanswered questions. Frustration is known for its many unresolved complexities, when resolutions are not prioritized. Frustration can indeed leads to intensive stress and even depression, but when identified timely, such transitions can be eliminated. Frustration is an indication that something is out of line and require ones immediate attention, before further need for action or reaction. Even though the intensity of frustration does not carry the same weight as depression, one must not permit them self to ignore the potential it has to lead up to depression. Frustration like depression, seeks the verification of the underlining cause of the problem. However, unlike depression, frustration is a bit more superficial, while depression tendencies tends to be more rooted. Do not allow these two human plagues to take root in your life, seek experienced help to educate yourself and eliminate potential future problems. Awareness and willingness are the first steps to bring about change.

“Be Aware!!!”

Written by, Nathalita Beech  12/7/2016


Dream Creates Pathways…

Remember those dreams you had, remember how you use to smile each time you had the chance to dream those dreams? Well, if you do, I do too, so you are not alone. Now here is the big question, look at your life today, is it anything like those dreams, have you allowed those dreams to create your pathways?

I have been thinking about the same thought lately. Wondering what in the world happened to my dreams. Asking myself questions like, why did you stop dreaming? Are you on ‘your’ true pathway? It was only about a day ago that I was seeking for answers to those questions; however, I finally found the answers, and they are: Life happened, things happened, people come in and out of my life leaving me sidetrack and wayward. But, now that SELF has my attention, it’s time that I do something about ‘MY’dreams and directions… They are my dreams, I must be apart of them, I have to try and manifest them. There are no guarantees that we will live long enough to complete all our dreams; however, SELF is calling us back to what’s ours, and we must adhere.

**Life is now and now gives life- why should you or I not try**

In the Bible, the book of Proverb 13 v: 12 reminds us that, “A hope that deferred makes the heart sick but when the desires comes, it is a tree of life.” No wonder why sometimes we feels so out of touch and out of place within our space and life. Seek to go after accomplishing your dreams, your desires, your visions, your purpose and passion. Our dreams are God’s ways of opening our visual prospects – to rise us up out of stagnation and put us into a place of purpose and passion. Revealing to us His reason for us being here. So, have a discussion with ‘SELF’ once more and allow God to be your guide; while  creating your pathways to much open doors. Keep dreaming…

Let’s get to creating our dreams!

Written by, Nathalita Beech  12/8/16


Once a slave to Debt, Love & Pain!

Divorce was the predator that took me under and over. Who would have told me transparently enough that my love story, so common to many, would have left me so insolvent. Dark days I tell you!  He was the one I thought of the most, the one I forsake many for, including myself. I threw me in the back seat and like wet blankets, I was left to dry and used as needed. I taught myself to be reasonable each time I felt misused, unheard and abused. Kept silent and cried when no one was around, and shut the world out with the use of sleep when it gets too much. Food was my bestie when night falls, in this case, the appetite was extensive and the craves had no boundaries. Stacked up was the weight, not to mention, screaming at the outsiders, who thought they were my worst nightmares when they tried to understand my moods and frustrations. I allowed the smell of emotional death to allocate all I did with my life back then; while pretending all was good, dandy and well. What a misfortune that cost me. At the end, the love that I had loved so much left me so ruined, my God, words have no way of making the emotional, mental and physiological pain explainable. Good grief, I was so… close to taking what I never gave to myself “Life!” What a deep emotional and spiritual devastation that was!

Well, it’s five years later and I can still taste and smell the sting of the pain. Bless God, they are all now residues, and was never inflicted in vain. This memorial in my life taught me the courage of my virtues and elevated my consciousness of being. Opened my eyes to maturity and spiritual prosperity. Even though I am still cleaning up the debts and so much debts! I must continue to face up with my reality. So, I speak again life into my second decision, “I am tired, It’s not fear, but in reality, what is? Time is moving on and it’s not waiting on me, so… like my decision to break free from the one I loved, and leaped, it’s time to do the final sweep and turn a NEW page aligning my reality through the eyes and debt of my financial prosperity. A slave to debt I was, but I am no more!”

**God continues to be with me in this journey, I am once again letting go!

Thank you Jesus… Amen!**

Written by Nathalita Beech  12/7/2016

In His Holy Presence!

It was in the stillness of the night when He woke me up, with His soft breathe of life- He opened my eyes. There was no fear in His voice, no hardness in His touch; His Life in me was all it took. I was pleased to know that His thoughts were upon me, I responded, “Yes Lord, your servant awaits your will.” Taking the time to place my feet in standing position, I used silence to shift my steps in the direction of the place a called prayer. The place where I oftentimes converse with Him. Seated, I looked up to heaven and asked the question, “What’s on your Heart Lord, what would You have me to do?” Silence remained and my spirit listened with joy; and like heavenly peace the Holy Spirit’s presence whispered, “You are His and He is yours. He is inside of you and your needs, and life dwells deep in Him.” His peace came to pay my soul visitation, to enlighten my spirit and lift my heavy burden. He wanted to sit by me, to see me alive and well in the land of the living. His heart assured my heart and set His love and confidence upon me. In returned, I promised to service in obedience to His will and perfect purpose and promised for my life. Before Him that early morning, I once again obeyed, recommit, and surrendered completely to His will and His way. In God’s presence we are restored, renewed, and revitalized- Always… In  Jesus name. AMEN!

Written by, Nathalita Beech  12/6/2016

Smart Choice Micheal!

After many thoughts, Micheal knew all the lies that he told his wife and others over the years lacked dignity and self-respect. So for the first time in his ‘make believe life,’ he told himself, no more! No more fooling around, no more under-productive ideas, dark inhibitions- plain and simple- no more lying to himself, and no more lying to others. You see, Micheal realized after talking to himself, about himself, that before he told a lie to others, he lied to himself ‘first…’ He came into this very Wise and Mature Revelation that he was making himself a liar and a self-betrayer. Henceforth, he made the conscious decision to change the dynamics of his need for perfect validation and overwhelming self-betrayals. A pattern of destruction that swept all truth under the rug, and kept others in darkness as to who he is, and the true content of his character. Micheal came into his own awareness which gave him credit and allowed him acceptance that eventually led to his new choice and action – “Smart Choice Micheal!”

Written by, Nathalita Beech  12/5/2016

Hold On!

Life sometimes can take us on a spin, hold on. Sometimes our grip feels like it’s about to slip, but seek spiritual and mental balance, adjust your grip and hold tight again. It is not about holding the grip perfectly, nor is it about how long that first grip last – it is about never letting go. Hold strong to what’s keeping you, to what’s holding you and to what’s important to you. Life is about constantly adjusting, making way, finding ways, and pressing through. No one every has it easy, it may only seems that way – we will never escape the challenges of our ambitions and simple efforts. Use your mental awareness, embrace and exercise your spiritual ingenuity; always seek out your heart’s commitments, press into them all and hold on. Finally, don’t thrive for a perfect stillness, continue to adjust and keep that grip; while ensuing balance and endurance. And don’t forget, the victory of the fight lies within you, not around you nor behind you. It’s all being done for you and through you. So, look ahead, hold steadfast and keep gripping while holding on!

Breathe 🙂 🙂 🙂 Easy!!!

By Nathalita Beech –Blessings…!

Why Marriages May not work

Your mindset on the subject of marriage will ultimately determines your outlook and end results. What does the union of two people coming together and starting life entails? Is it marriage- the union, or is it marriage the restrictions and obligations? The wrong views and implementations can ruin the possibilities of the outstanding efforts of a blissful bond that can development between two lives, that as the potential to create many other lives, and future unions of the same.

Your answers to the above question may varies, but remember, we all were taught to form perceptions and ideologies; mainly from the way we were culture, the environments that we were raised in, social companies that influences us, dos and don’ts, and please don’t forget, your own individualization and personality indifference; where feeling, thoughts, beliefs, personal experiences and emotions are concern.

Marriage is not a burden, but for some negative reasons after the celebrations(THE WEDDING) it become just that. If this was indeed the truth, many would not want to go above and beyond to be apart of this magnificent unity. However, as a counselor one of the main problem that I identify is the secret predator called: “The Expectations.” We all have them married or not, but that’s not the important aspects of the union, it is ‘The Needs’ that both parties have, and desires to have meet. But we are now having marriages that are so focused on what others imagine marriage to be, the fascination of the bliss, the movies that we learn from as to how two people should be, how they should look, how they should  look like together, acts like together, what they should say to each other and how they should appears in the public eyes, etc. Now, the true reality is, the unity of marriages should continuously focused on each others realistic need. For example, women has the needs to feels secure with her love relationship, thought of with a caring heart and to be heard, not to be fixed, or over looked. On the other hand, men needs to feel respected and honor, to them that proves that their wives loves them, and sees them as important and needed. And as we know, sex is always the icing that favors the cake to it’s ultimate possibility. But in to days world is what’s missing and what is also used too much and as a weapon to some. The use of this three letter word us tainted and abused in so many different ways, but yet it is one of the key main elements that hold a marriage together. Sex is potent and power in it’s own titled and class. It’s as we know, the powerhouse behind growing our family and increase population in general, so it’s therefore proven to be very… valuable. Abusing the classifications of sex is just our biggest down fall.

**Married couples must focus on what makes their union healthy in area of ‘NEEDS’ than it is {expectations}. Our expectations are for the most part, altered by the worldly views  around us; and the negative, effortless illustrations that states that marriage is a hardship and after the wedding all is different or damned. The truth is fear is one of the factors that the worldly views implants in the minds and emotions of couples that observe the external values, verse the the personal method used in the union, itself to meet each others NEEDS. Values other than the ones that works for  a particular couples, and their individual needs, should not be copied or used, simply because all marriages are authentic to it’s own healthy needs and requirements. Couples should always stay in communications to discover those needs. They should always be dedicated to sharing the truth thoughts and feelings toward each other; identifying with common strength, own and unknown. complimenting others in the efforts, short falls and occasional weakness.   their manipulate couples in seeing the can play a role because of some Couples must focus on what keeps them relative to each other in areas of individual interest, togetherness, personal attractions and continuously guard themselves with information that enriches and teaches proper and control balance in effective management economically and socially and positively and influentially.  that affect and  marriage is oftentimes where the problems lies. We get to honor this union because it is a gift to us. It’s  not a want to, is suppose to be a need to; not a must imprisonment mentality but we all at some in our union feels a sense of obligation, to the ideologies of marriage or what we imagine prior to marriage what should happen within this awesome union.

By, Nathalita Beech